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Protect Your TransactionSM (PYTSM) $10,000 Lender Performance Commitment

How PYTSM Benefits Sellers


This is going to be an industry changer!

Protect Your Transaction provides all parties to a real estate transaction with peace of mind that the Lender will deliver on its commitment to close on time. Take a moment to learn more aboutPYTSM in this article, and then ask the obvious question: “Why would I use a lender that doesn’t provide a PYTSM Commitment?”

Certified PYTSM Lenders commit to the following: * Lender will issue a loan commitment on or before 15 days from receiving a complete mortgage application (for eligible, approved applications) evidencing Lender’s commitment to close on time * Lender will pay up to $10,000 in the event a transaction is cancelled by Seller due to Lender’s failure to fulfill the terms of the loan commitment

Why PYTSM Was Created?  When real estate is bought and sold, both the Buyers and Sellers rely on a Lender Pre-Approval before committing to open escrow. The Buyers incurs certain up-front expenses (including inspection, appraisal, and HOA certification fees). These expenses may exceed $1000 in total. The Sellers will also incur out of pocket expenses, as they are already making plans to buy their new home once their existing home sells. Additionally, the Real Estate Agents on both sides of the transaction continue to expend significant effort, providing their professional advice and ensuring that their respective clients’ interests are protected throughout the transaction. Essentially, all parties need to have confidence that this sale will indeed happen. Prior to the inception of PYTSM, if the Lender failed to fulfill its offer to lend, the lender was not financially responsible. A Certified PYTSM lender puts its money where its mouth is, giving all parties a firm commitment and assurance that the transaction will close as expected!

Have you ever heard of a Lender putting up to $10,000 of real money to back up its loan commitment?


The biggest transaction risks a Seller faces are the Buyer’s ability to obtain a loan approval and the Lender’s ability to close on time. Any failure or delay in this process can jeopardize not only the immediate transaction, but also the Seller’s subsequent purchase. A Certified PYTSM Lender reduces those risks by providing a decision within 15 days of taking an application from the Buyer and by backing its commitment to lend with up to a $10,000 performance assurance.

Sellers With Contingent Purchases

If you are a Seller with a new home purchase contingent on the sale of your existing home, make sure you are selling your home to a Buyer with a PYTSM loan commitment! I encourage you today to contact a PYTSM certified lender. Start the home buying and home selling process from a position of strength knowingPYTSM  is behind you.

After all – It’s your transaction make sure it’s protected.SM

PYT_Seal for Cindy Hallas How to get started with the PYTSM process?

Please feel free to contact Cindy Hallas, a PYTSM Certified Mortgage Loan Officer at AmeriFirst Financial Inc.

Cindy Hallas 602-793-9061
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Finally there is a Lender who is willing to put its money where its mouth is!

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