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As a Certified CE Class Instructor for over 5 years,  I have been providing value to Real Estate Professionals with over 15 different certified courses and the courses have been created based on what is occurring in the real estate business world today. We provide Realtors with up-to-date, high-value knowledge that will benefit  business while renewing  mandatory Continued Education Hours.

And as a Licensed Senior Mortgage Loan Officer, I started my career in the mortgage industry on June 1, 1998…that’s when the industry was still based on the determination for mortgage qualification. Mortgages were qualifying only with full loan packages: 3 years tax returns, 6 months bank statements with at least 10% down payment and 6 months extra reserves in the bank. Presenting loan documents can make or break the ability to qualify for a mortgage. Don’t allow lack of experience or knowledge get in the way of you qualifying for a mortgage. I have had the opportunity to take over many declined loan packages and turn them into complete purchase and refinance transactions with accurate information.
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Cindy Hallas
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