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For those who may be visiting my website for the first time, this may give you a better glimpse of who I am and how my past clients think of our transaction. I am fortunate to have amazing clients which many have come back to me over the past 14+ years.  I feel like each and every one are not just clients, they are part of my life.  I am blessed to have such a strong cliental that continue to come back to me in addition to referring their precious friends and family to me.  I encourage you to give me the opportunity to earn your trust as well.  You are not a number, instead, your individualism will be acknowledged in addition to your goals when financing your home.  I believe it is my job to analyze your current financial situation and simple present the options to you.  At this point, you have the ability to make the right decision for you and your family, after all you are the one that will pay the mortgage each month.  I am here to facilitate your dreams and assist with educating you with options.  I look forward to this amazing opportunity to assist you with your mortgage as well.  Please take the time to contact me so we can make your dream into a reality.


Scottsdale, AZ   February, 2015

“Expecting our first child and both working out of our home, Marta and I realized we would need more space. Our first step was to ask our close friend and real estate agent where to go for the mortgage. When he recommended working with Cindy Hallas, it spoke volumes. Cindy prequalified us while we searched with our realtor. When we found just the right house in a family-friendly neighborhood, Cindy took it from there. Working for ourselves, and in this day and age, there is now a great deal of verification needed for loan approval. But Cindy and her team were able to patiently and diligently guide us through, so that every i was dotted and t crossed. She was a pleasure to speak with and took ample time to communicate and relate with us. We have always loved our real estate agent, and now we also have a friend in Cindy Hallas!”

Client Testimonial

Dave & Marta (at 8 months and moved in with time to spare!!)


Bailey, Rockne and Mary  (Peoria, Arizona)

“We were first time home buyers from out of state.  Our realtor recommended that we use Cindy as our mortgage consultant.  Our first contact with Cindy was by phone as we were driving south on I-5 from Portland.  She took the initial information that was needed and by the time we arrived in Phoenix, she had already completed some of the paperwork and had a detailed list of other information that we needed to provide.  We met with Cindy and found her to be very professional, knowledgeable and patient with our many questions.  Over the course of the next two weeks, she was very accessible, returned all phone calls promptly and helped us through the arduous process of purchasing a home from long distance.  Due to her professional manner and thoroughness, we were able to close on our new home without any problems.  We would highly recommend Cindy to any of our neighbors and/or friends.”

Blakeslee, Robert  (Scottsdale, Arizona)

“Although I worked in the world of finance for 15 years, the world of mortgages seemed a more complex one. Upon the advice of my real estate broker I was advised to go with one of his friends to process the mortgage side. As it was my first home, I took the recommendation thinking it would be easier – that is until I met Cindy and she simply asked if I would be open to a second look.  I was and unlike my real estate broker’s friend, Cindy took the time to walk me through every aspect or the paperwork, rates, and process. Armed with the education and realizing I wasn’t paying “normal” fees nor was it the best rate described by both my real estate broker and his friend, I moved my mortgage to Cindy and never looked back.

I would advise anyone –regardless of current mortgage broker relationship- to have Cindy review your paperwork. I’m confident that you’ll be just as glad as I was.”

Copenhaver, Chuck and Jerri   (Phoenix, Arizona) This is the second time that we have used Cindy for our financial needs regarding our house.  On both occasions Cindy was very helpful, answering any and all questions we might have had.  Cindy was always very quick to respond to our needs, and made the refinancing of our home very easy.  She was always very professional during our contacts, but at the same time was very friendly and personable.  She was quick with a joke when the time was right, making the entire process much easier to deal with.  I would not hesitate to recommend Cindy to any of my family or friends. I will continue to look to Cindy for information and guidence in any future real estate transactions.

Crawford, Chad and Danielle  (Gilbert, Arizona)

“Cindy was AMAZING!!  We were in contract starting in September 2011.  We thought we would be in our new house by Halloween because the bank was one step away from approving our short sale.  The week before we were supposed to receive the approval letter, the bank sold the note to another bank so we had to start all over.  We were hopeful we would be in the new house by Thanksgiving.  Well turkey time came and went and we still didn’t have our approval letter.  We started looking forward to moving in by Christmas.  We finally came to terms we wouldn’t be in to celebrate but were hopeful to close by the end of the year.  We finally received approval from the bank the 2nd week of December.  Our realtor told us not to get our hopes up because there was LITTLE CHANCE Cindy would be able to close the loan in such a short amount of time.  A normal loan takes approximately 6 weeks.  Not only did Cindy close the loan before the end of the year (in 3 weeks), she got us an amazing rate.  Cindy also made sure we used all of the money the bank was contributing to closing costs.  She was on top of everything the entire time.  I would recommend Cindy to everyone.  She was outstanding and was a bright light in a dismal process.  She made it possible for us to start the New Year in our New Home.”

Davis, John and Sarah
(Tucson, Arizona)

“The refinancing process can appear complicated particularly when we do not have the time to deal with the hassle of refinancing.  Cindy assured us that there would be no complications and was able to follow through with this.  Not only was this a smooth and easy process, but we were not charged any unnecessary closing costs.  I have referred many of our friends and family to Cindy as I will continue to do as well as come back when the time comes to refinance or purchase a new home.  Thank you for making it so easy for us to refinance.”

DeLack, Michael and Sandy  (Lake Stevens, Washington) Purchased Second home in Surprise, Az

“My husband and I have had the pleasure of knowing Cindy for approximately two years.  Cindy most recently helped us purchase our second home in Surprise, Arizona, which was a short sale.  We have never felt more comfortable or confident with a mortgage advisor.  Although in the beginning of our transaction we were requested to provide a large amount of information, we knew that Cindy had full and total control of our loan.  With the changing requirements for a home purchase, Cindy was aware of all of the changes and never wavered.  If we had any questions, Cindy was right there to answer them immediately, we always felt that we were her only customers because of the amount of time she spent with us.  Our telephone calls and emails were answered quickly; Cindy was on top of it!  I have never seen anyone who works so hard to make their customer happy.  Cindy truly has a passion for her job and she does it well.  I would not and have not hesitated to refer any and everybody to Cindy for their mortgage needs.  Plain and simple, she is truly AMAZING at her job and as a person in general.”

Greg and Jo Ann Dykstra  (Phoenix, Arizona)

“We contacted Cindy almost one year ago to see if we could get refinanced.  She looked at our financial situation and told us she could not really save us much money, due to the current climate of home refinancing.  Earlier this year, Cindy called and told us about recent changes in the refinance industry.  She was very positive about our home appraisal being high enough to qualify for the new program.  Cindy was right on the mark!  We were able to refinance and save hundreds of dollars on our new loan.  Cindy was friendly and very professional.  She would be the one person we would trust for future home financing endeavors.”

Egea, Julie  (Glendale, Arizona)

“I’ve known Cindy personally for approximately 4 years and have always know her to be great person who is straight forward and honest.  I knew I would call Cindy when I was ready to re-finance our house, because I knew I could trust her.   Cindy was nothing but amazing at handling our mortgage beginning to end.  Cindy kept us informed right through every step and her attention to detail was displayed through each step as she caught several errors on the side of the title company.  Cindy ensured the process moved quickly and was able to lock us in at a great rate.   Cindy was willing to work around our busy work schedules and was always very prompt at returning calls and text messages.  I have already recommended Cindy to others and would utilize her services in the future!”

Forshee, Virginia  (Kansas to Arizona)

My name is Virginia Forshee, I transplanted myself from Salina Ks to Glendale Az July 2009. I had never even visited Arizona and my first time here was when I came for my pre-employment physical at my new job. My recruiter introduced me to Cindy, as clearly the ultimate plan was to buy a home and settle with my Greyhound, Susie. I still had a home in Ks to sell, so purchase of a home wasn’t at the top of my list.In spite of this, while I was here Cindy made arrangements for us to dine at the Elephant Bar, a unique and interesting place for a girl from North Central Ks where it is pretty basic fare. This is the first of a regular “date” we continue to share about every 6 weeks trying out new and unique eating establishments in the Phoenix area. I think this is a hobby that can go on for a long time to come.We dined and Cindy did get a little info from me, so that when my house in Kansas sold, all I had to do was find the home of my dreams and she would take care of the rest. That isn’t quite the end of the story however. Cindy made sure I had her number and was sure to point out that she was available at any time I had questions. Not only questions about a mortgage, but about Phoenix, locations, driving directions (yes I took her up on it) and generally any problems or questions I might have as I set upon an experience unlike any other I had ever had.It has been a whirlwind of a 6 months, I started and love my new job, rented for 3 months, sold my Ks home and started looking for my dream home. I called Cindy when my search began, so when I found the home I now live in and love, I just had to let her know, She was able to answer all of my questions at any time I called or emailed and she made the purchase end of the buying/selling experience as effortless on my part as it could be.After I decided to make this move, I truly felt that this is the plan God had for me. Every time something would come up that looked like a roadblock, something else would make things just fall into place. I had that experience so many times before my move and up through the end of my home buying process.  I know that Cindy is one of the very special people, that I was meant to have in my life. I would recommend Cindy to anyone who wants to be certain that the person you are working with to finance one of if not “the” most important financial decisions  you make in your life. Cindy treats her clients like close friends from the beginning and I always new that I was in very competent but also caring hands.  I did get the bonus of a great friend and fellow foodie to explore eating establishment and experiences in my new home state.

Frees, David  (Malvern, PA) Purchasing in Cave Creek, Az – Second Home

“When you have found a property that you really want as a new home, vacation home, get away, or any other purpose, the need to finance it can seem daunting, and nerve wracking. But Cindy Hallas makes the anxiety, pain, and concern go away. You immediately sense her high level of skill, intelligence, experience and most importantly, her dedication and concern for you as the client. Cindy makes a difficult process as easy and pleasant as possible. And, even if there are bumps in the road you will always know that she is doing everything that she can to help you to make your new home or real estate purchase into a reality. She get high marks for great service, being a pleasure to work with and for her integrity, honesty and hard work. Thanks Cindy for being a consumate professional and someone I can count on. ” Attorney Dave Frees

Garcia, Gabe and Gerry    Phoenix, Arizona

“At a time when the housing market in Phoenix wasn’t doing so well and loans were not as easy to ascertain, my husband and I were reluctant in being able to purchase a home.  We were referred to Cindy by a friend of the family, and called her just to inquire about what we needed to do in order to be viable candidates for a home loan.  Upon completion of the very first conversation all worries were put aside and our thoughts and feelings about home ownership had changed due to Cindy’s knowledge and ability to answer our questions and put us at ease.  While we still carried doubt about qualifying, she had already gotten us pre-approved!  Cindy was on the ball, quick to respond, listened to our frequent concerns and financially had us prepared for this big step in our lives.  From the time we started to look at homes to the time we signed the papers it took 2 months.  This was all due to Cindy understanding of the process and focusing on us wholeheartedly as her clients.  We felt as if we were Cindy’s only clients because she was always available when we called and took the time to meet with us and thoroughly go over all the numbers and what to anticipate upon closing.  She was phenomenal to work with and we highly recommend her for anyone looking for an exceptional mortgage broker.”


Gatto, Angela (Kanab, Arizona)

“I am fearful when buying a car, so you can imagine what I was going through when I was considering purchasing my first home. A friend gave me Cindy’s contact information and from that first phone call through the time I picked up the keys, Cindy was available and willing to assist. It was during a time when the housing market was fluctuating on a daily basis; Cindy explained the risks and benefits and kept me updated so that I could make an informed decision.”

Gennett, Colin and Sarah  (Phoenix, Arizona)

“I’ve known Cindy personally for over 8 years and have always know her to be genuine, honest and a caring friend.  I believe that if a person has these characteristics in their daily life it is fair to say that they handle their professional life in the same fashion.  I am very glad to say I was correct and Cindy was nothing but amazing at handling our mortgage process from pre-qualification to close.  My wife Sarah and I found our dream home at the beginning of December and contacted Cindy immediately to get the process started.  Right off the bat, her attention to detail was displayed while signing numerous papers with the seller when Cindy caught a few errors along with an expired date. Cindy was also incredibly timely throughout the whole process and made everything really easy and simple. All of this truly impressed our agent and the sellers representative, and it helped solidify our position as buyers.   Cindy also had a sincere interest in our success as homeowners. Cindy was so accommodating and willing to help that when Sarah and I were busy with our hectic work schedules, we’d have to call or text her randomly with questions and she’d always answer right away. When we needed to sign our first set of documents Cindy even drove to meet me at my office so I didn’t have to skip a beat at work.  Cindy was there for us at every point in the process always reassuring us at times when we were overly concerned, especially during the holidays!  When it came down to closing on our home we actually had bit of a surprise and had to close and record our home before the new year, of course, Cindy made it happen!  My wife and I would highly recommend Cindy for your mortgage needs. She is the best in the business hands down!!”

P.S. In Cindy’s email signature it says, “Give me 1% of your trust and I will earn the remaining 99%.” Truest statement about her! Give her a chance and she will not disappoint!

Hagler, Carl and Cheryl (Phoenix, Arizona)

“Cheryl and I built our (dream) house over twenty-three years ago in the northern part of the Valley. The first mortgage was a disaster involving mortgage insurance and second mortgages to cover the building expenses. Over the years we have refinanced our home to correct original mistakes, make improvements, and send two children to college. We are so thankful for Cindy’s helpful advice, hard work and knowledge to find the right program tailored for our situation. Her experience, accessibility and ease of process have made us repeat customers. I appreciate the follow through during the process and the contacts afterward. Cindy is always there to answer questions and provide needed information. Our confidence in the service rendered has allowed us to recommend her to friends and family with confidence.”

Hallas, Larry and Kathy
(Peoria, Arizona)”Will a testimony from your mom and dad really count?  If so, you are beautiful, smart, honest as the day is long, witty and quite clever.  You are also professional and straight forward.  I do not hesitate to recommend you to anyone, knowing that I am recommending a good honest business person not just my wonderful daughter.”

Phil and Oksana Haller  (Cave Creek, Arizona)

“I contacted Cindy at the behest of my real-estate agent.  Right away she made me feel comfortable with my decision to use her as my broker.  Cindy worked tirelessly to get me pre-qualified as soon as possible to take advantage of current market conditions and rates.  After what seemed like an eternity my wife Oksana and I were able to find exactly the house we were looking for.  With Cindy’s help we were guided through the long and arduous task of getting a loan approval for a short sale.  Although this is the third house I have purchased in the valley it was my first short sale and the first home with my wonderful wife Oksana.  Thanks in no small part to Cindy I was able to get the loan approval and even closed early.  She really kept us on track and answered every question we had right away.  She made us feel like we were her only clients and seemed to focus all of her efforts on our loan.  I wanted to take this opportunity to give her my sincere thanks and recommend her highly for anyone looking for a mortgage broker who goes the extra mile for her clients!!”

Hobbs, John and Cathy
(Phoenix, Arizona)“I obtained my first home loan through Cindy 6 years ago and was thoroughly impressed. When we decided to refinance our home, Cindy was the logical choice. The mortgage business is full of people offering competitive rates, but Cindy has several qualities that were more more valuable to my wife and I than just a low rate. Cindy has a thorough knowledge of all facets of the lending process, and takes the time to explain every step. She exhibits a level of interaction and enthusiasm from beginning to end that is rare in any business. Ease of application, continual communication, accomodating scheduling, quick closing time, and the use of an outstanding title company were just some of the things we found most impressive.The most important thing to me, though, is Cindy’s integrity level. As a police officer, knowing I can trust someone with my financial details is comforting. Cindy is trustworthy and completely honest. There are no hidden costs or surprises. My wife and I cannot recommend her enough.”

Holzer, Drew (Home owner) and Jean Holzer (co-signer) Phoenix, Arizona

“Cindy went the extr mile for a home buyer that many mortgage agents might have overlooked. Not many 19 year old college students buy their own home! Cindy’s assistance and professionalism throughout the process made this purchase a very positive experience and she delivered the fastest closing ever. She will certainly be the mortgage agent we will recommend to friends and family.”

Hooper, James and Dana   (Phoenix, Arizona)  When my husband and I decided to purchase a new house, Cindy Hallas was literally our counselor the entire way through.  Cindy ensured that all information exchanged was accurate and timely.  Her personalized care is unprecedented.  Whenever we had a question, she immediately responded.  If we were unsure about a process, she made certain that we understood all of the aspects.  With Cindy helping us through the lending rollercoaster, we knew we would be in good hands and never have to worry.  I constantly recommend Cindy because she is the best in the business!

Horstman, Nick and Colleen McCarthy   (Scottsdale, Arizona)

Cindy Hallas handled the mortgage for my wife and I for our house purchase in Scottsdale.  We grew up in Phoenix and Flagstaff and lived in Arizona for 44 years before moving to Seattle in 2001.  A tragic family situation compelled us to move back to the Valley in 2012.  This was a stressful time and Cindy was part of the team that helped make our transition much easier.  For the purchase of our home, Cindy was always available to explain the possible loan options and the process itself, which we found very helpful.  In addition to her technical and professional knowledge, Cindy obviously has empathy, a trait that well serves her clients.  She also has a great sense of humor.

In our opinion you will find no better person to help you get a mortgage for your house.  It is with great enthusiasm that we recommend Cindy.”

Nick Horstman and Colleen McCarthy

Hurtado, Jennifer (and Oscar Varella) from Chandler, Arizona

“We want to thank you so much from the bottom of our heart for all of your hard work! We are so grateful to have come across such a great person like you! We are also thankful for your promptness and kindness as well. It feels very nice to have people who feel genuinely happy for us. You did so much for us to make sure we were comfortable with the whole process and you did your best to get us such a fantastic interest rate! Also, thank you so much for helping us get closed so early! You definitely helped us because we did not want to pay an extra month of rent for our apartment. We are due to sign tomorrow morning and we have the cashier’s check ready to go. We are just over the moon right now! When one is young, one always has the dream to own their own home. You imagine what it will look like, where it will be and when it will happen. You have helped us achieve one of our biggest dreams in life: home ownership. This means the world to us. Our parents could not be more proud of us right now and we could not be any happier! Time to set our roots! We hope to have a house warming party soon so that you can come see the house and meet the rest of my family. Thank you so much for everything, Cindy! We could not have done this without you.  One last thing, On Monday when you called me- I called Pat, our real estate agent, to set up a time to sign papers for Tueday and she stated that she was just waiting to hear back from title to make sure they had received the docs. Like 15 seconds later she called me back and she did not realize I had answered the phone because she was at an ice cream social- & she was telling her friends, “THIS LENDER IS GOOD!!!”. Then I said, “Hi Pat!” and that is when she told me that she had received the e-mail and that everything was ready to go. 🙂  Then yesterday when we signed, Pat said that she referred someone to you too! & Desirae from Lawyers TItle said that you were very nice and pleasant. I just wanted let you know because all of these props are well deserved!!!”

With much appreciation and gratitude,
Jennifer & Oscar

Jansen, Christopher and Annie  (Chandler, Arizona)

“The process of buying a home can be daunting to say the least. When my husband and I were looking around for someone to help us with a VA loan our first choice was Cindy Hallas. She assured us she would assist us through this process with as much ease as possible. She not only did this but far more. We were kept informed as to the status of the loan and there were no hidden surprises. When it was time to lock in the rate, she was on top of it and got us the best rate possible. It is nice to know someone out there is looking out for your interest and not someone else’s.

A person’s integrity and professionalism is very important to us. As police officers, this is something we deal with on a continuing basis. Knowing Cindy has the highest level possible is very reassuring. I would and do recommend her to everyone I know. Thank you Cindy for helping us achieve our dream of being closer to our family. What a blessing you are.”


Khatir, Kourosh and Laura (Phoenix, AZ) “We worked with Cindy for about a year in our search for a new home.  Cindy was always ready to help with accurate information.  Cindy was there ready to answer our questions, send us accurate financial information, and help with whatever our concerns were.  Cindy is a hard worker and always puts the needs of the client first.  She is a true professional and I would not hesitate to recommend her to friends and family.   I would certainly use Cindy again for any mortgage needs!”

Markum, Linda
(Anthem, Arizona)

“Not knowing much about the loan process, it seemed a bit overwhelming. However, Cindy made the easy and smooth. She walked me through the process and guided me through every step. Throughout the process she was accessible and accommodating – allowing me to meet when it could fit into my schedule.  Thank you, Cindy!”

Martin, Matthew (Houston, Texas) “I would like to thank you for the phenomenal level of service that you gave to me all through the process of obtaining the loan for my new home.  From the first moment that we spoke on the phone until the loan closing, you made me feel like I was the most important customer that you had, returning every call, answering every question and keeping me up to date on the loan throughout the entire process. I especially appreciate your integrity, caring and determination in seeing to it that I received the best rate possible, that there were absolutely no surprises and that the loan closed within the time frame that I needed it to close.  I have been in the financial industry for almost 30 years and have never seen this type type of “kid glove” treatment, much less received it!  No matter what happened, I always knew that you had my best interest at heart.  You made something that can be a very stressful event, the loan process while relocating to a new geographical region of the country, as smooth and stress free as anyone could ever hope for by providing your special, personal touch.  In short, you made me feel as if my loan was being taken care of by a trusted friend of the family whom I had known all of my life.   In closing, I can say this with full conviction: Cindy Hallas, you’re not just a great Mortgage Loan Consultant, you’re THE BEST that I have ever been associated with.  I have no reservations whatsoever recommending your services to anyone and everyone.  You vastly exceeded my service level expectations and allowed me to witness first hand what “Exceptional World Class Service” really looks like.In thanking you, I remain very truly yours.”

Nguyen, Tuan and Thanh-Nah (Chandler, Arizona)

“Hi Cindy,
How are you doing?  We never forget what have you done for us.  You are very honest, and always helping customers to get the loan approved faster.  If any of my family members buy a new house, I will recommend you to them.  I wish you the best of luck.”

Norbury, Don and Diana (Boston, Massachusetts)

“Our home buying process was long and drawn out due to a short-sale on an “as-is” property.  There were many bumps and stressful moments, but the mortgage approval and lending were the only things we never had to worry about.  Even though Cindy was in Arizona and we were in Massachusetts, it was always extremely easy to reach her and we always felt like Cindy’s only client.  Her personalized attention and thoroughness made me and my husband extremely comfortable and as first time home-buyers, we felt like Cindy had our best interests at heart.  We would use Cindy again in a heartbeat and definitely recommend her to anyone looking for a mortgage or refinance.”

Patton, John and Pamela  (Cave Creek, Arizona)

“It is my privilege to recommend Cindy Hallas as an extremely helpful and efficient mortgage professional.  Cindy helped my husband and I to purchase our home in Cave Creek.  She kept us informed and helped us to close on our house in a timely manner.  We knew what was needed of us and what documents the lender would require so that the entire transaction was effortless.   Thank you Cindy and we look forward to working with you on any future investments and will share your expertise with all of our friends, family and neighbors.”

Prior, Michael  (Peoria, Arizona)

” Cindy Hallas was incredibly helpful in making a stressful mortgage environment more manageable.  She was professional and helpful in going to bat for me and getting the deal done.   I appreciate the time and energy she put into helping me keep perspective and focused on what needed to be done.  It is a tough mortgage environment out there, and she helped me navigate through it.  Thanks Cindy!”


Rinnerberger, Roland and Elizabeth  (Phoenix, Arizona)

“From the moment my wife found the house of my dreams I was trying to get the loan and to move in as quickly as possible. While my bank projected 6 to 8 weeks minimum, you told me flat out that if we get our papers ready, we might make it in two weeks. And you made it happen. You were on my toes to ensure I got everyting in order. You know your stuff and you work extremely hard but still you keep your humor. I know I am not easy to deal with on the phone and in person, especially after a long day at work but you stayed professional and had only our goal in mind – get that loan done.

I did not know that professionals like you still existed. Thank God for bringing you into our lifes. We love you Cindy. Thank you for everything!”

Schwartz, Shea and Mike  (Phoenix, Arizona)

When I started this process of wanting to purchase a house I was a little nervous as the last house we had was in my husband’s name and we lost it due to him being laid off. I didn’t think I would qualify by myself. I was trying to get cosigners and trying everything I could hoping that we could quit renting. After meeting with Cindy and her working her magic not only did I qualify but I didn’t even need a cosigner. We were able to purchase a short sale and finalize everything and two months later we are moving in. She assured me throughout the whole process as I was constantly waiting for everything to fall apart. I am so thankful we were referred to her as she helped me through every step of this process and believe me it is a process.  I would highly recommend her and am thankful to not only have a Mortgage Consultant I can refer to but also to have a new friend.

Shin, Janet   (Scottsdale, Arizona)

“As a financial services professional for 10 years, I’ve never met a more patient person to work with than Cindy.  She is a professional who delivers a great overall experience by being reliable, efficient, and most of all ensures that her client(s) receive the best customer service available.  Cindy was creative and thorough in offering suggestions and solutions to my unique situation.  I would not hesitate to work with Cindy again and highly recommend her to help anyone with their mortgage needs.”

Surniak, Gregory  (Conifer, Colorado)

“Cindy is the best!  From the beginning, Cindy worked hard for our business and kept up the pace through closing.  We had many banks calling for our business and we had decided to go with a local bank in Conifer Colorado.  Cindy called and we gave her the bad news.  She didn’t take “no” for an answer and responded with best interest rate we’ve ever seen beating the local bank we had selected by nearly 1/2 point.  Then we called the local bank and gave them the bad news.  Their response was “go with Cindy…we can’t touch that”.  Perhaps that should be Cindy’s new motto!Her work and support didn’t stop there.  Cindy and her team were great.  We went through 4 house deals before settling and closing where we are now.  Cindy and team dealt with every failed inspection and changed mind with ease.  We’re very happy in our new home and with the loan we have.Bottom line:  Cindy is the best loan officer we’ve ever seen.  Go with Cindy…other banks “can’t touch that!”


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