FHA & VA in ASL – All your purchase and refinance needs at one stop!


Video was created in October 2021, FHA and Conventional loan limits have increased, accordingly.  For Conventional Financing the loan limit is now $647,200 for 2022 and FHA for Maricopa county is $441,600.  Please ask for other states and counties for details as FHA financing is specific on county.

FHA Loans were designated for Frist Time Home Buyers back in the 1934 to assist first time home buyers to buy a home.  Many first time home buyers may not have the establish credit history, job history, saved money for down payment or experience as a home owner to understand everything involved in home ownership.  So, HUD created this program to allow consumers to purchase a home without all the heavy restrictions that Conventional financing can have with financing.

FHA financing is now used for all people, not just first time home buyers.  FHA can be a great option for those who may not have stellar credit history, may have had to start over in job career, nor may not have as much saved up to qualify for a home with Conventional financing.  Or FHA can be an alternate option with less penalties and have more forgiving guidelines still allowing consumers to have a lower interest rate, low down payment, lower credit scores, less credit history or those who have some credit blemishes to qualify to purchase a home much sooner than the rules and guidelines of Conventional financing.

I am very passionate about educating ALL clients about how credit works, how to improve it, manage it and maintain awesome credit.  When you have great credit, you can borrower money for cheap and even get paid to borrower money.  I want to help educate our clients on how to achieve this.

FHA financing is not a bad loan, although some may view it as less superior to the Conventional loan.

These are not created equal and not all Loan Officers understand the benefits or how to navigate consumers through FHA financing but we understand this loan inside out.  I will educate you on the benefits and the pitfalls of FHA financing so you can understand and select what loan is best for you.