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Mortgage CalculatorHome Buying Information:  How do you decide whether to by or rent? Buying a home is an extremely rewarding experience although it can be a scary experience as well.  You receive a great deal of personal satisfaction from owning a home.  Homeownership allows you to build up your personal net worth over time.  Moreover, a continued increase in housing prices nationwide makes homeownership a relatively attractive investment.  Real Estate Investors are included in the 1% of the wealthy category; the other part of this is the successful business owners of big corporation (not just a small self-employed business).

In many cases, renting may be more attractive due to plans of moving within a short time frame.  When moving within a short time frame, you are unlikely to recover the closing costs you paid when purchasing a home.  In addition, finding a home to buy generally takes more time than simply looking for an apartment.

However, building equity over a time period, owning a home offers significant tax breaks.  The interest expenses that you pay on up to $1 million in a home mortgage debt ($500,000 if you are married and filing a separate return) is tax-deductible.

Your taxing savings from the mortgage interest tax deduction are great in the early years of the mortgage loan.  For example, on a 7%, 30 year fixed rate mortgage loan of $100,000, you pay $6,968 in interest the first year of the loan.  If you are in the 25% income tax bracket, you tax savings are $1,742! In year 16 of the loan, you pay $2,926 in interest, which saves you $732 in taxes.

When you sell your home, you can exclude up to $500,000 in capital gains, if you are married and filing a joint return.  (The exclusion limit is $250,000 for other tax filers).  You will need to pass the IRS’s ownership and use test to show that the home has been your primary residence for at least two for he past five years.  In addition to mortgage interest, you can also deduct your local property taxes on your income tax return. As a homeowner, you can tap the equity in your home in the future with a home equity loan or line of credit. Interest expense that you pay on up to $100,000 in home equity debt is tax-deductible ($50,000 if you are married and filing a separate return).

Yet, renting does have some advantages. For one, renting doesn’t require you to make a down payment, which can easily reach $25,000 or $50,000. A total monthly payment for rent is generally cheaper, too, when you include all the other costs of owing a home. In addition to paying off a loan with interest, homeowners routinely pay homeowner’s insurance and property taxes. They may also be required to buy private mortgage insurance (PMI). Finally, homeowners face maintenance and home-improvement costs that renters avoid.

In general, renting has a lower financial burden, requiring smaller monthly outlays. With the extra cash that you save each month, you may be able to invest and earn a rate of return that compensates for missed opportunities of homeownership.

The same calculator factors in your investment rate of return to calculate the trade-off between buying and renting a home:

Renting may be a wiser course of action if you plan to relocate to another city soon or are in uncertain financial circumstances. For persons fresh out of school or newly divorced, renting may be the only realistic option.

There are the factors that will determine your ability to qualify for a mortgage:
(these are also referred to Layers of Risk in which no more than 2 are acceptable)1.  Credit – we will look at past credit history, debts, payment history, credit limits, etc.
*poor or shaky credit (below 620 credit is considered shaky)
2.  Reserves (savings, 401K, mutual funds other liquid reserves)
*Unable to verify liquid assets
*insufficient reserves
3. Payment Shock
*dramatic payment increase with new mortgage or adjusting interest rate
*symptom or shortened term
4. Debt to income ratios
*High Ratios (the difference between what is earned with income and the financial obligations you owe)
5. Property
*Low appraisal value
*Appraisal under estimatedvalue, stretched appraisal
*Appraisal is higher than the lender willing to risk
6.  LTV Ratio:  Loan to Value (new mortgage loan mortgage calculated against the value of the property)
*at 90% or higher
7.  Term
*the length of the loan (30, 20, 15 year term)
I can also provide further education regarding Real Estate Investing.  Please do not hesitate to ask me how I can further your education and resources to secure real estate and your long-term financial freedom.

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I also have many Real Estate Investing options available to you.  I want to educate you on these options and give you the security to believe it’s the right time for you to start your real estate investing portfolio.  Most people do not get involved because of one of these three reasons:

  1. They do not have the knowledge (I can educate you on your options and provide the resources for further education).
  2. They do not have the credit/money (I can show you how to understand your current credit and how to improve it).
  3. FEAR (once you have the education, the money, and/or credit, you will then have the confidence to make your move).


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I can also provide further education regarding Real Estate Investing. Please do not hesitate to ask me how I can further your education and resources to secure your real estate investments and your long-term financial freedom.

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