Why Amerifirst Financial, Inc.?

Amerifirst Financial, Inc. provides more opportunities for Loan Officers to succeed. Most mortgage companies spend a great deal of their money into advertising for the company.  Amerifirst Financial, Inc. stands out because Amerifirst  puts the money into the company, into the Loan Officers and into marketing and supporting both the Loan Officer business and REALTOR®.  Having the insight for the bigger picture in knowing supporting the sales team and their ability to build their partners’ business is why Amerifirst Financial, Inc. will always stand out.

Amerifirst Financial, Inc. provides many platforms and marketing strategies to cater to each individual’s Loan Officer style and uniqueness to support, embrace and grow your business.  I have not seen witness this type of marketing support with any other company.  It is impossible to fail here at Amerifirst Financial, Inc.  I am a believer, if you are failing as a Loan Officer at Amerifirst Financial, Inc., then you are not truly trying.

As an individual, I take pride in cultivating my own business and having the full support of Amerifirst Financial, Inc. behind me while in this continuous growing process.  I am free to share ideas, grow the business, help build curriculum for our CE Class platform as a Certified Instructor and educating our REALTOR® partners more about our amazing industry and strategies on how to grow their business.  The constant progression with technology and desire to stay in front of what is new and on the forefront of technology is what we take pride in.

As an individual, you want to work with a Loan Officer who will also take this pride in every transaction, as it’s their business and the pride in building your own business is far more rewarding when working with a Loan Officer who is truly passionate about educating you on home ownership, protecting your best interest and securing the best overall transaction for you.

When you are researching your loan officers, please be sure to google them and do your research to be sure you are dealing with a Loan Officer you can trust.  There are some bad ones out there who will say what you want to hear rather than being open and honest with you.  I pride myself on educating our home buyers through the process so you understand each step and feel comfortable with the decision you make based on ALL the information upfront.

Feel free to Google me, YouTube me as well as take a glance at my website testimonnials and facebook and overall credibility.  I have numerous positive ratings in the industry both individually as well as V.I.P. Mortgage, Inc.

The biggest benefits in using Amerifirst Financial, Inc. is we are a banker which means we have access to over 30 investors to secure the best program, competitive rates and closing costs without having to pull your credit over and over.  We also have the ability to close on your mortgage in less than 30 days.

The most common question I receive from our consumers is Why do I quote a higher interest rate?

I understand this is a valid question so I want to answer this as honestly and openly as possible.

We all know advertisements and the internet will only give the promotional rates.  However, the rates always change and so they trick the public into thinking these rates are obtainable.  Details of your loan will always affect pricing as it is dictated by RISK.  The higher the risk on the loan, the higher the rate. These are some elements that are considered RISKY (Self-Employed, Cash out, 80% loan to value, FICOs below 740 have a rate adjustment, older homes, and many more).  These of course are not shared when these companies advertise their rates.  To be realistic, a Loan Officer and/or Lender should never quote a rate without reviewing the loan in its entirety.

Most of the advertising also do not educate you, as the consumer, these are BASE rates and there are add-ons for Credit score, Cash out, Cash out to 80% loan to value (many lenders and banks will not allow you to take this much cash out), 15 day lock versus 30 day lock period and several other factors.  I choose to quote final rate as the base rate means nothing when it means the final rate will change.

The introduction rate may vary but this is due to companies who spend a great deal of money advertising to get the client to commit.  Many commit, then pay for application fee and appraisal, then find themselves very disappointed.  So many clients then end of taking the higher rate since they are through the process and have already paid for parts of the loan.  So, this is what the banks are counting on.

The banks use their budget in advertising rather than investing into their employees and clients.  Thus, they will only do the minimum to support their staff and more importantly, their customers.  They do not require their loan officers to be licensed so you will not be working with a professional, instead you get someone who is very GREEN and not educated on how to structure loans.  How does this affect you?  They will most likely no understand how to structure your loan to get it approved.  Being self-employed is something these Loan Officers do not have experience in working with or how to get these approved.  More than often, all clients that are self-employed end up declined.  Furthermore, they do not hire licensed appraisers who understand the market.  Instead they pay minimum amount to an employee who will go to house for a low cost to grab pictures then run an electronic review on your house.  Then the value of their appraisals ALWAYS come in very conservative and low, thus not allowing you to get the cash out you need.  Overall risk on the loan will also be declined as these banks will not go to the loan amount we do.

They also do not invest in their clients.  They hire people who work at a minimum salary so they can justify the advertising.  Thus these employees cannot provide you with the knowledge and education we provide by investing in our own business, educating ourselves and securing our clients with the best knowledge to guide you the right way.

My objective to serve our clients with the best service, products and competitive rates and low closing costs.  We all know there is always a company that will quote less and possibly will process a loan for less, but what will it really cost you as the consumer?  We want to be sure we are giving you the best of the best packaged deal for your need.

Thank you for your support and continued business.  I am BLESSED to be in the business working with amazing REALTOR® partners as well as all industry vendors.  We truly pride ourselves in being available to provide the best we can for our clients.  Thank you to all for your business and your referrals.  I look forward to the next opportunity.Cindy Hallas Website Banners AFI 1170x400

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