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(caption of playing with men’s, this resulted in a GOOOOAL!)

Hi, thank you for visiting my site.  I am thrilled to share with you. 

Soccer has been a HUGE part of my life since before I was able to join a league at the age of 5.  I have two older siblings who played soccer and I wanted to be just like them.

As a five-year-old, I enjoyed being different, maybe since I was adopted by an American family and was already different, I was trying to embrace it.  I automatically picked thirteen as my lucky number and to this day, thirteen is still my lucky number.

To set the stage, I thrive on finding different ways to do normal things.  I enjoy the “thinking outside the box” concept and have brought this into my world from the beginning.  

This game, soccer, has so many opportunities to learn many lessons about life.  Having this competitive drive as a child allowed me to develop the discipline, I believe it has taken to not only be in our industry, mortgages, but thrive and truly enjoy it.  It also has allowed me to find solutions in high pressure situations and now I can always find ways to help you through the process in the least amount of stress and the most efficient way with the maximum results.

My passion is finding ways to better educate our consumers, you, and maximize their individual abilities to execute the best loan possible for them.  Where there is a will, there is a way.  We need to work towards our goals at times but with hard work, discipline and the right guidance (education), we truly can accomplish your goals.  I absolutely love being part of people’s goals and dreams of becoming a homeowner and building a life for them and their loved ones.

I went to college on a full scholarship and was one of the rare that came out of college with no student loans.  Hard work allowed me to work and earn my education for free.  It’s something I do not take for granted particularly understanding how expensive a college education is these days.  I know, I see the education loans on credit reports, daily.

College is where I truly learned the discipline of working hard both on and off the soccer field.  Soccer was always fun and somewhat easy for me until I arrived at college.  I realized I was surrounded by many other very talented and hard-working players.  I needed to work hard to stay in shape and earn my starting position.  This was no longer guaranteed.  These ladies are the best of the best.  Playing Division One soccer was such a huge life lesson of hard work, teamwork, competition, working through injuries, disappointment, victories and losses.  I also had to balance my education with the intense demands of the soccer program.  Quitting came to mind several times through some tough times of injuries and times even when I felt the coaches were extremely UNFAIR.  But this only prepared me for life and my career.

In my career, I have learned that problem-solving seems to serve me very well.  I also find that educating myself and the public are a huge part of being successful with each transaction.  I truly love partnering with realtors to join forces and help educate them, their clients and myself in the process in assisting the buyers through the home buying process.  Believe me, it’s not always easy and communication is key.  Being transparent serves us well.  We do not appreciate surprises in this industry so clear, precise communication with setting expectations from the beginning is what allows us to be more successful. I believe you deserve the best and being straight forward with clear open communication will secure we are on the same page with you.


My first taste of teaching was when I participated as a soccer camp counselor in high school.  This forced me to look at the game I knew so well from a different perspective in addition to forcing me not to only understand the game better, but also required me to be able to show, demonstrate, and explain each skill in many different ways.  Children and people learn in all kinds of ways.  There is not only one right way.  So, understanding how people think, understand, learn, adapt and implement can assist in better success.  From guiding realtor partners through different marketing strategies, to training my internal team on systems that work well for us, to communicating to each individual client and help them understand what it takes to get through the loan process successfully. We speak with so many different vendors within our industry to take a loan from start to finish, let alone our own team and co-workers to outside partners, and clients. 

I have spoken to all kinds of clients from low to high income and each and every person deserve the same level of respect and time to understand the process.  Some have challenges with understanding technology whereas other may need more time on understanding how to rebuild credit.  Understanding the important elements of the mortgage process can also be challenging:  credit, income, debt to ratio, assets, employment history, property type, and much more.  If you have challenges, we want to know so we can address them right away and help you understand and feel confident with the process.

This process can get overwhelming and it’s up to my team to help you through this process with the least amount of stress.  I feel it’s like being a inside the box in a very important soccer game, with only a few minutes left and with the goalie and other defenders in the box, I need to be able to be composed, see the goal, navigate through and around the defenders to get the ball in the back of the net without panicking, putting too much stress on myself and allowing myself to focus on what I need to do to get the ball in the back of the net for the winning goal!  This is and can be a very stressful situation however, when we have composure, think clearly on what we need to do, then it will allow us to be successful focusing on our goal, your goal.

I learned competition as a kid.  I played high school soccer with the boy’s team at Cactus High School.  We won state champs 3 of the 4 years I was there.  It was not due to me, though.  I was one of the weakest players on the field.  Being 5’1 and only 100 pounds, forced me again to be in a learning position.  I was slower than most of the boys.  I was weaker and was pushed off the ball constantly.  My strength and speed were immediately challenged.  I was now one of the slowest players.  So, I used my head and had to figure out ways to outplay my opponents.  Thinking outside the box is now part of my daily routine as I refused to quit.  I even had one of the coaches tell me girls did not belong on the soccer field.  I had a lot to prove to him and myself. 

One of the areas I am passionate about is trying to find better ways to help improve credit.  How to structure loans to help them get approved.  Help them find strategies that will help achieve goals of becoming a homeowner much sooner than later.  Some can be challenging.  Others are very easy to work with.  Also, not just credit, but other challenges, such as how to communicate.  People communicate and need communication in many different ways.  Some need more communication to feel comfortable and build trust.  Others need to guided to the right resources to allow them to learn through the process.  Some want phone calls, others want text or email.  Understanding these needs will also help in overall success. 

Teamwork is critical on the pitch and I have learned that this is the same in our industry.  I need to be able to rely on my teammates, co-workers on my team, to get this loan process done.  We all have our roles/positions and must be able to work hard in executing the best possible outcome.  I find communication on and off the field is a key component in our daily success. Our goal is to team up and provide you with the best service you deserve, provide you with the information and education you need to make the best decision for you and execute in the smoothest and stress-free way possible.  We want the perfect combination of low interest rates, lower closing costs and smooth transaction however we deliver this information with realistic outcomes without surprising you at the end.  Our goal with transparent communication is setting your expectations and then exceeding them.

Your needs are our number one propriety.  We put you first.  WE want the opportunity to work with you.  If you have thought about purchasing a home or refinancing a home you already have, please consider reaching out to me directly.  I look forward to the opportunity to work with you.

Thank you again for visiting my site.  I am thrilled with you sharing your financial and homeownership goals with me.

Serving in this industry since June 1998.


Cindy Hallas

NMLS# 334571


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