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All About Lucia Koleski

Lucia Koleski – Bilingual Loan Officer

I was born and raised in Jalisco, Mexico, with strong family and core values. My vision to serve the community in an international context encouraged me to become part of the Mexican Foreign Service for almost twelve years. I was posted as Consul of Economic Affairs and later on Consular Affairs at the Mexican Consulate in Phoenix. I am very proud of this incredible accomplishment and find it rewarding to assist Mexico and Americans to blend and come together culturally. This previous experience allowed me to understand better how to support newcomers. Culturally, I have learned how dynamic and important family is. I was fortunate enough to have strong family roots and relationships. I am a firm believer this has a lot to do with my upbringing. My parents owned a house and knew what it took to make it a home. I was blessed to grow up in such a nurturing environment with supportive and loving parents, siblings, and close friends throughout my life. I instantly found so much value in the home and what it takes to make it a home for not only myself but for my own family as a grown adult. So, it is now my passion to extend this to many others who also value and aim to have their own home. Knowing that finding the perfect home is of utmost importance to strengthen families and help its members to develop their potential fully, I turned into the mortgage industry to continue this path.

In my years in Arizona and in the United States, I have discovered that my culture seems to be left out at times on the proper strategies and education on how to become a homeowner. Many do not even understand the concept of credit, how it works, and how we can leverage it to lead to bigger and better opportunities in their lives. Through my own journey, I have learned that having excellent credit allows me to borrower money for cheap and even get paid to borrower money. This is just one topic that I am passionate about educating others on. For many, this can be a realistic path as well; however, most do not even understand how to accomplish this. My mission is to be the resource that educates as many people along the way, help them improve their credit, overall financial situation, and navigate through the lending world, so more and more can truly accomplish their goals for their family in becoming a homeowner. I have experienced first-hand how gratifying this is and want to lead so many more to homeownership. I am willing to provide the education and information that so many people lack.

Diverse work experience in both the public and private sectors has provided me with the ability to listen, understand each client’s standing point, and find feasible solutions. The clients’ best interest is what matters; providing them with the understanding of their choices is my commitment. I am a natural problem-solver and strive to truly understand our clients’ goals and needs, then assist and navigate them toward accomplishing their goals. It is so rewarding witnessing a first-time homeowner or watching an individual’s credit score jump up in a small timeframe now, making homeownership possible for them. Many I’ve worked with were skeptical to believe they could be homeowners. So, being part of this journey is incredible. I absolutely enjoy this part of my career.

We pride ourselves in “thinking outside the box” to find the solutions and assist many into homeownership. We speak with Accountants, Financial Advisors, and other vendors to support and navigate our clients the best way we know how to obtain their goals.

Believe me, in my culture, we need the “outside the box thinking”…

Our team provides a great deal of education, classes, and workshops to help REALTORS® and clients build their business and clients’ overall financial status.

At CMG Financial, we truly have the company’s support to find the very best of the best with over 40+ investors to find the fit for our clients. I am supported by years of experience, problem-solving, customer service, strong communication, and more loan programs to fit all needs.

Conforming, JUMBO, FHA, VA, USDA Rural Housing, Down Payment Assistance, No Money Down, First Time Home Buyers, Credit Repair, Credit Building, Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, Ginnie Mae, VA loans.

Foreign National, Investors, Second Homes, Vacation Homes, Co-Signing, USDA, Down Payment Assistance, No Money Down, First Time Home Buyers, Credit Repair, Credit Building

I am excited to be part of this incredible team and look forward to servicing you. Please feel free to reach out, Hablo Español!


Meet Johann Forero Gomez

I have been in the business since 2018 and always look forward to coming into this incredible industry.  I come from a bilingual background, born in Columbia, and look for opportunities for connection with clients.  I am passionate about being the trustworthy Mortgage Loan Originator within my community and all clientele.  I was born in Columbia and migrated to the United States as a todler.  I was faced with many challenges early in my life.  My mother and may other home buyers from my hometown faced so many obstables.  I saw the challenge of lack of education and information which then limited the ability to make the right decision for our family.  So, as an adult, my goal is the provide this education and knowledge to all clients to facilitate and allow them to made the right decision for their families.  I chose this industry so I can be an advocate for you.  I believe education and knowledge empowers individuals to make better decisions.  My skill set has biligual, communication, previous teacher, and assisting people in the beset way possible.  I know I have what it takes to be successful in this industry while educating home owners along the way.



All About Ann Sartin

Ann Sartin AFI Headshot


I have been in the mortgage business since 2005 as a Loan Processor. In May of 2016 I decided to obtain my Mortgage Loan Originator license and become license in three states: Arizona, California and Nevada.  I want to broaden my horizon in other states while expanding my business opportunity. Upon becoming licensed, I have moved positions and have taken a more active role in the loan process as Loan Officer Assistant who oversees, all loan transactions from start to finish (assisting in the originating, executed contracts, to processing, underwriting, loan documents, to funding and recording). My years of experience as a processor allows me to oversee all steps involved on the transaction easier.  I play the primary role with our clients, our REALTORS® partners, title, appraiser, Processors, Underwriters, Closers, Funders and other vendors.  My role is to be the point of contact in keeping all parties informed on status as well as securing our loans continue moving forward in the process until we are closed.

The best part of being in this new role, is I am solely responsible for taking the loan from start to finish setting up the loan properly in my systems from the beginning.  As a processor, I would get the loan halfway through the process many times having to either redo or undo some of the steps that were taken before.  I find my strengths are being detailed oriented and getting these loans setup properly from the very beginning allows me to navigate our clients through the process the right way and make this a much smoother and easier process for our clients.  I believe in simplifying the process for all parties involved yet asking for all necessary documentation upfront.  This makes it much easier for our clients in addition to increasing our chances of obtaining referrals.  Our best compliment is when our current and past clients refer their family, friend and colleagues to us.

I also enjoy the added responsibility of keeping in touch with our REALTORS® partners and keep them informed of the status, what to expect next, how to help set up contracts to set our clients up for a SUCCESSFUL closings and assisting them with my expertise in guidelines, and loan structuring.  I take pride in my work and proved excellent customer service to our clients.   Customer service is our number one priority and communication is our primary way to secure this stellar service that each of our clients and REALTORS® deserve.

CmG Financial is such an incredible company with access to many different investors and I am excited about working with one team rather than multiple loan officers.  I am confident I will assist Cindy Hallas grow her business with my support and experience.  I know with her guidance I will continue learning and growing my personal and professional goals.  So as a team, we are ready take this to the next level.  I am so excited to see where our potential is and how much we can improve this industry one loan at a time.

Outside of the mortgage world, and in my personal life, I am a proud mother of 2 beautiful girls 19 and 11. I’m also a stepmom to my 23 older step son and 15 year old step daughter along with being a grandmother to our 2 year old grandson with another one on the way. My husband and I come from rather small families and we still believe that family comes first. We love to spend our time outdoors hiking, camping, going on trails, riding in the Razer or trips to the sand dunes. Both our daughters play sports in which we are very active parents in and are actively involved supporting and attending all the games and supporting out during practice.

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Cindy Hallas

NMLS# 334571


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