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You will have access to over 40 investors with hundreds of loan programs for your individual loan need.  You will also have a huge variety of loan programs from full documentation to No employment, Stated Income,  and other limited documentation for Owner Occupied, 2nd home/Vacation to Investment properties.

Email me today to get your loan process started.  It will be a painless and smooth process.  You will wish we met much earlier to take advantage of your first mortgage transaction or decided to purchase earlier now you know how easy a mortgage loan process can be.

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These are the typical documentation you will need in order to process your Mortgage:

*The most recent 30 days of pay stubs (income documentation)
*Past 2 years W2 statements, full tax returns and all tax forms (1099, 1098)
*Need 2 years employment history
*Most recent statement of any other income documentation (inheritance, Social Security, Disability, Retirement, etc)
*The 2 most recent Bank Statements (all pages)
*Copy of Purchase and sales agreement (if purchasing a home)
*Copy of Home Owner’s Insurance statement:  Company Name, Agent name, phone and policy number
*If own other Property, need mortgage, property tax and Home Owner’s Insurance information
*If own an Investment property, need rental agreement
*If you are renting, will need 12 months cancelled rent checks or name and address of current landlord
*If Divorced, need copy of fully executed divorce decree
*If you have Bankruptcy in past 7 years, need discharge as well as all bankruptcy documentation
*Copy of Driver’s License (Patriot Act) and Social Security card

Please be aware these documentation will determine if we need further information such as letter of explanations, paper trail of funds or deposits, or other information.  Thank you very much.  I look forward to assisting you with your valuable asset…


Call or email me to get a glance of what a mortgage process should be.

Email: Direct: 602-793-9061

I can also provide further education regarding Real Estate Investing. Please do not hesitate to ask me how I can further your education and resources to secure your real estate investments and your long-term financial freedom.


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