Validating a Collection Debt

Andorra Credit Repair shares some great information on Validating a Collection Debt on your Credit Report:


You find a Collection Debt on your credit report and you just don’t remember it….what do you do?

Ask for a validation notice. A debt collector must send you a validation notice within five days that explains how much you owe and to whom you owe the debt.  Document when you make this request. If the collection agency cannot validate the debt then they probably don’t have a legal right to collect the debt.

Once you have the validation notice, make sure that this is truly your debt. Sometimes, debts are created in your name such as in cases of identity theft. You’ll want to check your credit report. Your credit report should include evidence of the debt. You can get your FREE credit reports at

A tactic that scavenger debt collectors use is to purchase debt that has passed the “statute of limitations” for pennies on the dollar and then try to use scare tactics to collect the debt from unsuspecting people who have no idea that this debt is no longer collectible.

Need more information?  Any Credit Repair company can assist in education you, however since Andorra Credit Repair shared this information, why not reach out to them.

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