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I have always had a desire to help others; it’s actually what we do as human beings. We are originally designed as co-dependent creature who need each other to exist. With all the good and bad in the world, my goal is to be a positive influence on anyone I encounter as well as look for the positive influences in the world.  I agree with both facts, the glass is half full but it’s also half empty.  However, “Life is 10% of what happens to me and 90% of how I react to it.”  I choose to learn from every situation whether good or bad.  If you are not FAILING FORWARD, then you are just failing.  I refuse to accept this.

I started an experiment with asking people on what makes a person more successful.  Most people say, they have money, they are smarter, they have better resources..  But the truth is the person never accepted failure as an option.  Yes, we have small failures, but if you turn them around as learning lessons, these just become small failures to help you grow into what you want.  Failures help us understand what we do NOT want.  This is valuable in our lives so we know when to turn around, walk away, cut toxic people and events out to stay on track on becoming the person we want.

What got me on this journey?  I got into the Mortgage Industry less than a week after college.  So, this where I am.  I truly love what I do.  I am one of the few lucky individuals who not only have a passion for what I do, but thrive, and I mean THRIVE on getting better.  Connecting with better more influential people, duplicating their strategies and putting my own twist to them so the systems work better for our team.

I went to college for Education, to become a teacher. Weird how I never taught one day in the classroom.  But I learned what I did NOT want to do.  I did not want to work for the school systems which I knew would limit my ability to influence people in a manner I thought fit.  I also learned I am much better working with adults.  I also took every possible class on DEAF education, Sign Language and DEAF Education and history.  I fell in love with the language, the culture and history.  I am fascinated by the culture and how controversial this culture is.  It’s judges their own kind within and outside of their “CULTURE” trying to point who does or does NOT belong within their community.  Sounds like the rest of the world.

We have evolved into a world where boundaries are no longer established by race, sex or origin.  I like to believe we are all one race, the HUMAN RACE.  I love people of all kinds from all kinds of backgrounds and cultures and thrive of celebrating the differences as well as understanding the similarities as we are all HUMANS.  We all bleed the same color and understand EMOTION is truly one language.  Laughter, my all-time favorite emotion, is so darn POWERFUL.  If I can create more laughter in this world, even at my expense, I am ALL OVER IT!  SIGN ME UP!

The Education background from University of Arizona and Grand Canyon University, solidified my ability and desire to teach.  I also learned to embrace and incorporate my love for the DEAF Community into my career.  Funny how all this comes full circle if you allow it.  Being open to opportunities instead of limiting yourself to EXPECTATIONS is a freedom I cannot describe.  It’s amazing how God and the Universe brings directly to you, opportunities you never even dreamed.  Yet, so much better than your imagination.  Be OPEN to opportunity, be patient and stay in your moment and be focused on maintaining your morals, ethics and goals.  Y our objectives may change, but stay true to you.  It will make sense one day, maybe sooner than later.

I started teaching as a Certified Instructor for Amerifirst Financial, Inc. in 2013.  I was mentored by one of the best in the state and have the desire to continue to improve.  My goal in teaching these continuing education credits to our REALTORS® is making education informative and fun.  Most CE classes for REALTORS® can be daunting and long.  Sitting through a class for 3 hours at a time, can be quite boring and feel non-productive.  My goal is to change this mind-set.  I have been teaching and now have a following of REALTORS® who enjoy my classes and get a good amount of new information, or CORRECT information when it comes to the mortgage and real estate industry.  The main problem for REALTORS® is not that they are lazy; most of them do not have access to the correct information leaving them left out to fend for themselves in business.  Being a business owner and self-employed is not an easy task.

I once heard a person tell me, “being a REALTOR® is simple.   I just take my 90 hours of real estate school, then take my exam and then start working as a real estate agent.  With my full time, job, all I need to do is close 3-4 transactions a year and BOOM!  I can make $20-30K more a year.  It’s that simple!”

Well, I hate to bring reality to this soft soul, but being self-employed is not simple.  According to NARs, 75% of Licensed Real Estate Agents never close a transaction.  That means only 25% of the licensed REALTORS® are actually closing at least one transaction in their career.  This does not deem them as full time REALTORS®.

Being self-employed has so many perks and so much PRIDE involved.  I truly believe it takes a strong, independent and self-motivated person to be successful as a self-employed individual.  There is so much opportunity out in the world and with some guidance and encouragement, I believe more and more people can succeed.

My goal is to bring a different perspective to help them get to the next level.  I may not be an expert in your field, but I do understand the concept, the hard work, discipline and consistency it takes to be successful as a self-employed individual.

Creating systems and creating time managing skills along with the discipline and consistency can be the key in succeeding.  I want to be the person that believes in you.  You have the ability to be successful with the right systems.  What can I do to help your business, your relationships, your health, your friendships, your life?  Coaching is vital to short-cut your learning curve and expedite you into succeeding.

Someone has already been through the learning curve so allow their experience and expertise to guide you quicker to your success.  Ask questions from people who are successful in the areas in life you are aiming to improve.  Do not listen to those who are negative or worse off then you.  You cannot learn much except “what NOT to do”.  Remember, to be wise with whom you share your dreams and goals with.  This is precious and should be protected.  Many with try to crush your dreams because they do not have the guts to try.

Thank you for visiting my site.  I am excited to learn and grow with you.  I know, each person I encounter has something valuable to teach me.  I hope I can bring the same to you as well.

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